Murad Method™ facials are a new and entirely personalized concept in high-performance professional skincare. Developed with Dr. Murad’s philosophy that no two skins are the same, unlike traditional facials that are developed to address a single skin concern, Murad Method™ facials are designed to make skin as healthy as it can be.
Your Certified Esthetician will help you decide the best facial for your needs and skin concerns, as well as prescribe the best post treatment solution for at home care.

All of our facials are performed in clean, private treatment rooms and include a relaxation massage over the face, neck and shoulders to help increase circulation, remove excess fluid and plump up fine lines and wrinkles, while relieving stress and promoting happiness.

Please follow these important guidelines before your facial for best results:

  • Freshly waxed skin wait 24-48 hours
  • Avoid on open or irritated skin
  • Treatment should be avoided if client is currently taking Accutane
  • Not recommended if using Retin A, Renova or any topical Retinoid
    (If using any Retinoid suspend use 1 week prior to facial)

60 Minutes   $92.50
Concerns: breakouts and clogged pores, excess oil and shine, large pores

Acne breakouts are complex, that’s why this facial is designed to reduce acne blemishes and improve skin clarity and instantly soothe redness and inflammation. This professional strength acne treatment features exfoliating fruit enzymes to open clogged pores for deep cleansing and extraction without irritation. Suitable for all levels of acne severity, this powerhouse acne treatment is also available to help control breakouts on the back and décolleté.

60 Minutes   $104.50
Concerns: breakouts and clogged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven texture

Take your fight against acne and the signs of aging to the next level with this professional strength treatment that reduces acne blemishes while dramatically improving clarity and smoothness. See immediate results as this scientifically-formulated, dual-function facial helps to clear clogged pores, soothe redness and relieve inflammation while exfoliating, boosting elasticity and plumping the skin  help to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


60 Minutes   $110.50
Concerns: loss of firmness, fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration

Restore the luminous glow you used to know with this luxurious, multi-active facial. It’s ideal if you are plagued by a combination of dry skin, fine lines, loss of elasticity, dullness and perhaps even occasional hormonal breakouts. Advanced technology boosts elasticity and resilience to reduce the appearance of medium-to-deep wrinkles while gentle exfoliators clear skin of dullness and stimulate cellular turnover. Luxurious and lasting hydration restores suppleness, texture and tone. After one treatment, you’ll see that youthful Murad glow!

60 Minutes   $99.50
Concerns: genetic aging, fine lines, wrinkles, creases, sagging skin

This dual phase moisturizing system infuses skin with essential nutrients to increase cellular hydration, provide barrier repair and soothe skin.
Can also be added onto Acne Complex and Resurgence Renewal facials.


60 Minutes   $110.50
Concerns: age and sun spots, uneven skin tone and texture

Environmental exposure creates a broad range of problems for your skin, that’s why this antioxidant-rich treatment is formulated to restore clarity, texture, elasticity and firmness, while restoring radiance and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Dr Murad’s patented infusion technology delivers pure Vitamin C directly into the skin for maximum results. See a significant improvement in just one treatment.

60 Minutes  $110.50
Concerns: red/sensitive skin, tight/dry skin, over-processed skin

Whether a redness flare-up is triggered by exposure to stress, sun, wind or extreme temperatures, this break-through treatment provides fast relief easily to calm and soothe inflamed, sensitive skin. This facial features two intensely calming and soothing facial masks, making it ideal for those who suffer from either occasional or persistent redness.


45 Minutes   $89.50
t-zone shine, clogged pores, occasional breakouts

Boost the benefits of your daily skincare with this pom-tastic cleansing facial. Fruit enzymes power away dirt and pollutants to keep skin free of impurities and remove dead skin that is past its prime, while antioxidant Pomegranate Extract attacks damaging free radicals. The result is fresh, glowing skin.
Great introductory facial.

15 Minutes   $25.00
Concerns: short on time, quick pick me up

For those last minute occasions, this express treatment is a great pre-makeup mini facial and also a good opportunity to experience the Retinol Youth Renewal skin care regimen for aging skin.

45 Minutes   $89.50
Concerns: razor burn, ingrown hairs, breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles

Ideal for the busy man on the go, this facial helps to address minor breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles, razor burn and ingrown hairs. Includes massage and mask.

Christine Dufault cosmetics - murad-peel
Technoceuticals Power Peels by Murad

After initial facial, peels can be performed in a series of weekly treatments to maximize results. Please consult with your Esthetician for more details.

Please follow these important guidelines prior to your treatment for best results:

  • Freshly waxed skin wait 24-48 hours
  • Avoid on open, irritated or sun burned skin
  • Microdermabrasion wait 72 hours
  • Injectables, Derma fillers, Retin-A/Renova, or any topical Retinoid wait 1 week
  • Chemical peels/IPL/Photofacials wait 4 weeks

1 HR 15 MIN   $110.50

Concerns: dry, dull complexion, fine lines, wrinkles, creases, sagging skin, occasional breakouts

Great introductory facial, this intensive exfoliating treatment retexturizes and renews skin without redness or irritation. A unique patented blend of antioxidants, calming agents and hydrators soothe and revitalize skin to reveal a softer, smoother complexion. Best suited for clients with mild skin concerns, particularly those who experience sensitivity and are new to peels. 

1 HR 15 MIN   $125.50

Concerns: fine lines and wrinkles, age and sun spots, loss of elasticity

This comprehensive anti-aging facial is the ideal treatment to target and defeat all signs of aging conditions. Wrinkles, loss of elasticity and pigmentation are minimized as Immuno Skin Complex re-programs the skin for youthfulness, while five high performance exfoliators, hydrators and brighteners rapidly resurface and rehydrate skin. Best suited for clients with moderate skin concerns who are ready to increase their resurfacing intensity.

1HR 15 MIN   $140.50

Concerns: deep wrinkles, age spots, dryness and sagging skin

A potent facial with epidermal resurfacing formula to exfoliate skin without irritation. Minimizes depth of wrinkles and delivers long-lasting hydration. Skin appears smoother, more radiant and younger looking. Best suited for clients with severe skin concerns who are highly tolerant and who are looking for maximum resurfacing intensity.

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